How it Works

As for the technology involved, Swinguru specifically designed software uses proprietary algorithms taking advantage of advanced wireless and markerless 3D motion capture technology to automatically and accurately locate joint position and record the action.

With the help of 3D see the unseen. See what your eyes can’t see. Capture, replay, analyze your motion and balance.
Swinguru’s infrared tracking system operates through a single 3D depth-sensing camera plugged via USB port to a Windows computer.

Guru Motion Systems is the only sports, physical and medical data business that collects (and distributes) through single camera full, time-stamped, contextual data in real-time, featuring complete x/y co-ordinates as well as z co-ordinates where applicable, and a unique granularity of event type.


Real-time data is derived from instantaneous motion capture and measurements to give athletes or patients instantaneous complete feedback.
Posture, alignment, hips and shoulders rotations, body moves, balance are all factors we track; and each of these elements is precisely analyzed by the Swinguru system.
Swinguru enables accurate motion data to be recorded and added to the athlete or patient personal profile.

Reviews provide visual-feedback to the athlete or patient and all of the information needed, including full diagnostic but also comparison to some of the best athletes to precisely pinpoint weaknesses and strengths.


If you want more information about the motion capture technology sector, please download the “White Paper on motion capture”. Click here to download.


* It is also possible to use Swinguru softwares on a MacBook. Click here to learn how to proceed.