Swinguru Pro Bundle / Lifetime


All In One Studio Solution

The Swinguru Pro Bundle is 100% plug-and-play and portable, so you can get the most out of your Swinguru system wherever you are,  faster and more easily than ever before.
We’re big on user friendliness, and the same applies to getting the ball rolling with your brand new Swinguru Pro System.


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What’s included in my Swinguru Pro Bundle?

  1. Pelican Protective Case
  2. High-Performance PC Laptop (Meets all recommended specifications)
  3. Swinguru Software Lifetime-Year License (Includes all updates to software for current version) *
  4. Microsoft Kinect Camera
  5. Tripod for Kinect Camera
  6. Kinect Camera USB 3.0 Adapter
  7. HDMI Cord
  8. Power Strip
  9. Personalized Handling & Testing
  10. Ongoing Technical Support *

* Throughout your license lifespan.

Pelican Case

Pelican has a long history of making the best protective cases for sensitive equipment and technologies. Waterproof, crushproof and mobile, these cases are great for seasonal storage and protection, as well as making land and air travel with your Swinguru more convenient than ever.

High-Performance Computer

Swinguru provides top-of the line, high-performance PC laptops to run your powerful Swinguru system seamlessly. This computer is great for running Swinguru, launch monitors, simulators and the other technologies you already use.

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