Wireless and sensor-less body motion data and analytics

For players and coaches across all ages and skill levels

Markerless Swing Analysis

Swinguru brings wireless and sensor-less body motion data and analytics to players and coaches across all ages and skill levels to help drive player development and performance improvement. Swinguru translates this complex information into simple, understandable data that allows coaches and players to identify opportunities for technique improvement.

See what the human eye can't see

Unlike most currently available solutions that focus on either the club or the ball flight, Swinguru focuses on the movement of the body and its effect on a player’s swing. Swinguru significantly speeds up the learning process through automatic motion capture and instantly informs users of errors in their movements so immediate adjustments can be made.

Metrics captured automatically

Balance (COM) Left / Right
Balance (COM) Heel / Toe
Feet Width
Knee Width
Lead Knee Flex
Trail Knee Flex
Lead Arm Flex (Hitting only)
Spine Bend
Spine Tilt
Shoulder Tilt
Knee Turn
Hip Turn
Shoulder Turn
Hip Thrust
Trail Knee Lateral Movement
Lead Knee Lateral Movement
Hip (Pelvic) Lateral Movement
Upper Body Lateral Movement
Head Lateral Movement
Hip (Pelvic) Vertical Movement
Head Vertical Movement
Hand Path
Time to impact

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For coaches and players who want to take their game to the elite level.


The revolutionary all-in-one markerless swing analyzer for coaches and players who want to take their game to the elite level. Take a swing and Swinguru Pro provides you with an in depth 2D and 3D swing analysis, including 25+ body metrics.




The ultimate personal markerless swing analyzer for those who want to improve their game using accurate metrics and valuable insights. Take a swing and My Swinguru instantly analyzes your swing and provides personalized drills to rapidly improve your game.



 Swinguru Cloud

Upload – Store – Access – Track – Share


A cloud-based online platform that connects coaches, athletes, and teams allows for a truly unique experience.

The Cloud makes it easy to access, track, view and share swing metrics, videos and data, meaning, you keep benefiting from Swinguru way beyond practices and training sessions.

Discover Swinguru Cloud



What they say about us

Swinguru provides an enhanced golf learning experience for every student which enables them to rapidly understand concepts for improving their golf game.
You can step into the future of golf instruction right now with Swinguru.

Jim McLean, Celebrity instructor, member of 6 halls of fame including the PGA World Teachers Hall of Fame. America’s top 5 best teachers 2017-2018 - Golf Digest
Jim McLean

It's simple. You get passed the auditory commands, you get them into the software & when you can see it and feel it, you can fix it. You provide immediate feedback that can shorten the entire process of making vital adjustments that can ultimately effect the entire career of the player.

Gary Ward, College Baseball & ABCA Hall of Fame Coach
Gary Ward

Swinguru Pro Softball goes beyond mere swing analysis - it is more like a digital swing x-ray and surgical platform. The software cuts open the swing and dissects layers of movement patterns with precise analytics and gives you suggestions on corrections. To really understand movement and why hitters can and can't is why I swear by it. Also, I need the quantitative data in order to measure progression and or regression of my students. The development team is constantly improving the software with each new release.

Rob Crews, Coach | Instructor | Owner Complete Game
Rob Crews