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We have released an update with:


  • Important optimization to the High Speed Camera Manager
  • Brand new 3D Interactive Posture BioFeedback Feature.
    Record ideal swing positions, then train and feel the right move by matching those ideal positions during progressive stages with live audio and visual feedback. Swinguru neuromuscular training is a unique and easy-to-use system that takes advantage of the way your body and mind learn best—visually.

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MARKERLESS 3D INTERACTIVe posture biofeedback



The ‘3D Interactive Posture Biofeedback’ developed by Swinguru is a one-of-a-kind tool and a very unique feature of Swinguru Pro. To most golf coaches, the right posture is a key element of the golf swing. Finding, feeling and repeating the right posture in space is quite difficult for a player without any help.
The Posture Mode records, in 3 dimensions, the point cloud body envelope of your students set in the ideal posture at any moment of the swing. Then you ask your students to stand in front of the Kinect camera and “re-enter” this recorded body envelope in order to “match” the posture over and over again.
Once ideal poses are recorded, the students can practice it alone without his coach using the intuitive (colored) visual and audio biofeedback. With this feature, the student is sure that he is repeating and practicing the proper swing mechanics.


3D Interactive Posture Biofeedback’ is definitely a way to differentiate yourself from other instructors and to maximize your time.


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