Swinguru for teachers



Swinguru Pro is a revolutionary all-in-one and markerless golf swing analysis solution, helping coaches improve their students and empowering players to get better.

Simply take a swing and Swinguru Pro automatically and instantaneously provides you with an in depth 2D and 3D golf swing analysis, including 25+ body metrics on balance, rotation, bend, tilt, flex, lateral and vertical moves.

Just stand in front of your 3D camera and let Swinguru Pro help you see what the human eye cannot see.


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My Swinguru for Teachers
Pro Swinguru for Golfers
Swinguru for golfers



My Swinguru is an easy-to-use, intuitive and interactive swing analysis software enabling an engaging self learning & training experience, alone at home or in an indoor facility.

My Swinguru uses advanced wireless and markerless 3D motion capture technology to automatically capture, replay, analyze your swing. It provides instantaneous feedback, detects your main swing characteristics and provides customized explanation videos and drills on each of them for rapid game improvement.

Add a new dimension to your game with the most comprehensive and affordable swing analyzer !


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My swinguru OR Swinguru pro

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Features My Swinguru Swinguru Pro
Coach Profiles No Yes
Player Profiles 5 Unlimited
Auto Capture & Replay Yes Yes
Full Body Metrics Data Table No Yes
Swing Analysis Yes Yes
Side-By-Side Comparison Yes Yes
3D Posture Biofeedback No Yes
Screencast Replay Videos Yes Yes
Recorded Lesson Videos No Yes
Data & Videos Upload to Swinguru Cloud Yes Yes
Manual Drawing Tools No Yes
Automated Drawing Tools Yes Yes
Gesture Based Interface Control Yes No
Views My Swinguru Swinguru Pro
Synchronized Viewports 1 to 2 1 to 4
Replay Views 2D 2D & 3D
Balance (Center Of Mass) Yes Yes
Rotations (Knee-Hips-Shoulders) No Yes
External device integration My Swinguru Swinguru Pro
Balance (Center Of Pressure) No Yes
Ball Flight Data No Yes
2D High Speed Video No Yes

What they say about us

Swinguru provides an enhanced golf learning experience for every student which enables them to rapidly understand concepts for improving their golf game.
You can step into the future of golf instruction right now with Swinguru.

Jim McLean, Celebrity instructor, member of 6 halls of fame including the PGA World Teachers Hall of Fame. America’s top 5 best teachers 2017-2018 - Golf Digest
Jim McLean

The future of golf instruction is in 3D technology and Swinguru is leading the way. Both economical and user-friendly, I’m able to provide my students with additional swing analysis without sacrificing any of their lesson time with extra equipment or set-up. It turns any indoor area into a golf academy.

Jake Thurm, America’s best young teachers 2016-2017 - Golf Digest
Jake Thurm

Simply the most Powerful and easiest to use Bio Feedback and Complete Metric Software on the planet ! This is the start of Artificial Intelligence for Golf and Sports Analysis and a must have for all Golf & Sport studios.

Terry Hashimoto, Co Developer of BodiTrak | Founder of Jazz Golf | Worlds 1st Golf IMU and Golf Pressure Grip
Terry Hashimoto