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Are you an indoor golfer or a facility owner that would like to grow the game, improve customer experiences or improve your facility? Yardstick Golf is currently doing two surveys to collect research aimed at helping on all of these fronts. All participants that complete either survey will receive a FREE copy of the results of the survey they complete.

We are inviting all indoor golfers to spend a few minutes in participating in a short (10 question) survey. This survey will garner valuable data on player preferences and customer service, providing insights that will inform strategic business development. Without your help, we cannot hope to provide an accurate report on the Indoor Golf landscape that have benefits for all those associated with this exciting industry.

I’m an indoor golfer and I want to participate

We are inviting all indoor golf center owners / managers to participate in an indoor golf benchmarking study. This is our second year running the study and we’ll not only be able to update benchmarks, we’ll also highlight any interesting year over year trends.

I’m a golf center owner and I want to participate


About Yardstick Golf

Yardstick Golf’s aim is to help you build a successful indoor golf business through research and data driven strategies. By combining surveys, data about businesses, traffic, weather and golfer demographics Yardstick Golf determined the keys to running a successful indoor golf center.

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