The Experience

See the unseen.

With the help of 3D see the unseen. See what your eyes can’t see. Capture, replay, analyze your motion and balance.

Athletes, coaches and trainers want to improve and monitor performance as well as to prevent injuries efficiently. Swinguru’s motion capture technology allows unrestricted motion and provides quantifiable and reproducible 3D data and results immediately.






Automatically capture and record a swing without sensors or markers.

Focus on the movement of the body and accurately measure the most critical body motion aspects of a swing – more than 25 body metrics.

Analyze data in real-time and instantly provide an in-depth swing analysis, including metrics on balance, rotations, alignment, bend, tilt, flex, lateral and vertical moves.

Inform the coach and players of errors in the swing so immediate adjustments can be made. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths, visually and in numbers, is essential.

Access, track, visualize and share swing metrics, videos and data through The Swinguru Academy.