About us


Our Mission

See the Unseen. Train Faster. Smarter. Easier. More Effectively.

Swinguru is a machine vision company offering affordable, real-time, and hands-free 3D motion and balance tracking technology for the masses from a single 3D camera with applications into the medical, physical and sports markets.
As the developer of the industry’s most innovative markerless suite of motion capture products and services, Swinguru’s mission is focused on intuitive and easy-to-use solutions that accurately measure motion and improve performance.

By utilizing a combination of software, 3D cameras, and professional development, empower athletes, coaches, trainers, patients and therapists around the world to achieve superior results faster, smarter, easier.

Our solutions are designed to collect, package, analyze and distribute more live data from a ‘single’ camera, in more detail and easier, than anyone else.

Company Overview

Swinguru is a next generation leading and innovative software company. Founded in April 2010 with a key focus on Research & Development, Swinguru developed the business in a step-by-step approach based on a strong technology and a solid early adopters users base.

Since inception it has been active in Human Motion Learning & Data Management Systems. From motion capture to range of motion assessment and biofeedback systems, its technology is now used in every major country around the world.